February 20, 2010

Gonna try to be on here more…doing the blog thing.  Today I’m just doing some work,  drinking coffee at Caribou Coffee.  Lately I am leaving preferring Caribou to Starbucks.  It all comes down to consistency.  Starbucks in the last couple months has become a dreaded “Wild Card” for me.  I am not someone that orders frilly drinks or uses a lot of sugar in my coffee.  So if my regular coffee isn’t made correctly, has been sitting, or is burnt…I’ll know.  Starbucks has been doing this to me much to often.  Plus the Caribou by my house is a very comfortable work environment that is seldom crowded.  The organic “semi-blueberry” Acacia blend doesn’t hurt either.

It’s 39 degrees in Minneapolis today and I am so used to the cold temperatures that it feels like a perfect day for a run in shorts in a t-shirt.  A bizarre place I live to say the least.

Take time out of your day today to laugh.


Top 10 Albums of the Decade

December 4, 2009

My Favorites in no paticular order.
Wilco-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Damien Rice-O
Pete Yorn-Musicforthemorningafter
Ryan Adams- Gold
Coldplay-A Rush of Blood to the Head
The Killers-Hot Fuss
Switchfoot-The Beautiful Letdown
Sigur Ros-( )
Sufjan Stevens-Illinoise
The Postal Service-Give Up
Honorable Mention: Radiohead-Kid A, John Mayer-Room For Squares, Jimmy Eat World-Bleed American, The Killers-Sam’s Town, Ryan Adams-Heartbreaker, Jack Johnson-Brushfire Fairytales, Coldplay-Parachutes, Maroon 5-Songs About Jane
Favorite Hip Hop Album:Outkast-Stankonia

Coming home.

March 13, 2009

Hey everyone.  The band and I are coming home for a few weeks before heading back in to finish the record.  Things are going so well and we are all very excited about everything that has gone on thus far, what we have learned, and what will go on during the second half of this process.  I probably won’t be updating this blog until we come back to L.A.  So this is me signing off for a little while.  We’ll See Ya.

Lead Guitar

March 5, 2009

Today we went into the studio with Tim Pierce so he could lay down some fat lead guitar riffs.  He is an amazing musician and I feel so lucky to be able to have Tim contribute his talent and experience to our record.  It was really humbling and inspiring to be able to see a great lead guitar player going to work on a song he just heard for the first time.  His track record speaks for itself as he has played on records for Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Bruce Spingsteen, Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, Shinedown and David Cook.  He is also currently working with Colbie Callait and Rob Thomas.  



I feel really blessed to be out here doing what I love and it has been a great learning experience.  I truly can’t wait for everyone to hear the songs that we are so proud of.  I am currently getting my ears blown from how loud it is in this studio.  Why it has to be so loud I will never know.  Love you all.  We’ll See ya.



I am going deaf.

Fancy seeing you here.  🙂  (inside joke)  Anyway.  

Yesterday Josh, Tim, and I went to downtown Burbank to the Burbank Town Center.  It is like 4 miles away and my shoes aren’t exactly walking shoes.  Let’s just say the 80 degree weather and the 4 mile walk was not the highlight of my day.  When we got to the town center, Josh ate Chipotle and then all of us got Pinkberry.  Yes we eat it alot.  It felt good to sit and relax my blisters.  After that we walked around and looked at a bunch of the little shops that are around this area.  Tim bought some sunglasses at the mall and we killed some time.  It was about dinner time, so we decided to eat at P.F. Changs.  Excellent choice.  While we were there we got approached by some producers from MTV wanting 18-21 year old straight guys to be in their reality show Parental Control.  Well Josh was the only one who fit the mold, so he signed up and got a call on Sunday.  He goes into audition and do the show on Monday.  He can make up to 400 dollars.  Only would this happen to Josh.  We are pretty excited, and really hope that he gets picked.  After we ate we were pretty worn out, because we are not girls, we can’t shop all day.  So we called a cab and waited for a good 25 minutes.  A bus pulled up while we were waiting and we decided to get on and skip out on the cab.  Good thing we did too because it was only 1.25 to ride the bus and it would have been well over 20 bucks to take a cab.  I enjoyed downtown Burbank very much, it was a pretty relaxing day.  



Today we did laundry and cooked Stauffers Lasagna.  Later I had coffee and enjoyed the steam room with Tim.  That sounds pretty gay, but the steam room was awesome.  Tomorrow we go to the studio and go to Josh’s audition for the MTV show.  We also have the opportunity to go to the Craig Ferguson Show all week.  Maybe we will go one day if we have some time, although I don’t find him funny at all.  I mean c’mon he was known for an unfunny character on an unfunny show(Drew Carey Show).  Whatever, something to do.  I am tired, so I am gonna go to bed.  We’ll see ya.

Driving through the canyon.

February 27, 2009

Hey everybody…

I am really bad at updating this blog, my apologies.

So since Ian has been here he has been sick as can be.  We really truly haven’t done too much.  However I keep getting texts from my Dad wanting me to post something so here you have it.

Yesterday Tim, Stephen, and I went to Provident(our financial gurus).  After this Stephen was going to take us to Ron’s house.  Well to get there we went on the windiest road that I have ever been on.  It is called Topanga Canyon.  It is like hippy central and full of trees and foothills.  We actually drove right past the area where Charles Manson’s compound was.  Stephen had some great stories.  He is so used to seeing celebrities, that he saw Dennis Quaid while at a stoplight and forgot to mention it until it was too late.  It was an interesting drive.


a view of the winding road of topanga canyon.  Stephen told us a story that he road on a roof a car at 60 mph.  I love his stories.

That is pretty much the only thing that has gone on of any significance.  I am recording some bass today for “What’s On My Mind.”  Hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.  We’ll see ya.


I look terrible today, no shower either.

Hey everyone-

            Yes it has been a very long times since i have posted anything.  Not alot going on.  We are finishing up and fine tuning everything on the first batch of songs this week and had a day off today.  

Sunday the only relevant thing I can think of is that we ate $1 tacos at Acapulco.


Yesterday we went into a rehearsal space owned by the bass player in the band Fuel.  We jammed and made sure we had all of our parts down for the second batch of songs.  



Jeff Abercrombie of Fuel

Today, we had a day off and drove in the car for what seemed like an eternity.  We ended up eating at a restaurant called Islands.  Bad service and worse food.  However on the way home we did stop by my new obsession.  Pinkberry.  It is this frozen yogurt place that is only in New York and LA.  It is not like TCBY.  It is tart and you can add a mix in.  I have gotten granola everytime so far.  It is definitely something I will miss when I leave here.  Tomorrow our good friend Ian flies in for a few days.  It will be fun to see him and show him a good time.  We like visitors out here in LA.




All in all it has been a tough couple of days.  It will get better.  It is always hard leaving Erin and the first couple days especially.  So go invite her to do something or pay a visit to our apartment.  I know she would really enjoy that.  Love you Erin.  We’ll see ya.


Change of Plans

February 16, 2009

So I am going to be in Minneapolis until Sat. the 21st.  So not much to report here.  Just hanging out with my wife, loving life.  Check back this weekend and I may have a post from LA for you.  We’ll See ya.

Last Day in L.A…..for now.

February 10, 2009

So today was my last day in L.A. until Sunday.  Tomorrow I fly home to Minnesota to be with my bride.  I am really excited.  

Today was spent sleeping in, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm with Josh.  Then we layed by the pool for a few hours.  After that we worked out and then headed over to Ron’s to record a new bass track.  Well the idea we had didn’t really play out, so I guess I came over here for no reason.  

Tim, Josh, and I decided to grab some food at Souplantation.  It is an all you can eat salad and soup restaurant.  They also have bread, pasta, and dessert.  While there an older gentlement noticed my Twins hat and wanted to talk about baseball.  He was super cool.  He really liked to talk and it was neat to see a friendly person in California.  He was one of the first.  He followed the team around the 1965 season.  He even asked if we ever go to the Met.  We told him about the new field and talked a little bit about Tony Oliva  and Harmon Killebrew and how they have banners up in the Metrodome.  He came back a few times and on his final stop at our table handed me a list, on a napkin of all the players he could think of.  He obviously didn’t follow the team very much anymore, but to remember the names from 65′ was pretty impressive.  


Now we are finishing guitars for “Casualty” and then probably head back to the apartment.  My flight leaves at 10 AM.  Maybe I will see some of you when I get home.  This is probably my last post until Sunday or Monday when I return to L.A.  So until then… We’ll see ya.

Back to Work, sorta.

February 9, 2009

Last night’s grammy awards was probably the most awkward award show I have ever watched.  My reasons:

A.  No Host

B.  No one really cares about Robert Plant post-Zeppelin.

C.  Too much RAP.

D.  The Jonas Bros. feat. Stevie Wonder.  Why Stevie??  Why??

E.  No one cares about Allison Kraus

F.  Adele

G.  Kenny Chesney

H.  Stupid OBAMA references.

I.  U2 had an awkward performance. Not completely sold on the new song either.

Here are some things that attempted to save the Grammy Awards, but were overshadowed by all of the above.

A.  Radiohead

B.  Dave Grohl drumming w/ Paul McCartney

C.  Coldplay and their Pirate Suits

D.  Radiohead

E.  Blink-182 announced they are getting back together.

F.  Chris Brown not being there, because he was wanted by the Police.


Anyway all in all it pretty much sucked.  Plus Eddie and Joe both went home empty handed.  

Back at Ron’s today.  Eating oatmeal.  Two Days and I will be HOME.  We’ll See Ya.