Recording in Los Angeles: Arrival

January 26, 2009

Hey everybody-

So I decided to start a blog about my recording experience in L.A.  Basically I figured it would be the best way for everyone to stay up-to-date with my busy schedule.  I will be updating this blog everyday, sometimes late at night.  This is my first time in L.A., so I will be posting first time experiences in the city along with everything we encounter as we record in a historical recording studio: Sunset Sound.  There will be pictures as well.  Thanks for reading and Enjoy.  I love you all.




So we left Minneapolis Airport on Saturday at 7:00.  Temperature: 0 degrees.  It sucked saying goodbye to Erin.  (I miss you dear)

The Plane ride was 4 hours long, and Josh and I watched the Ben Stiller Movie “Tropic Thunder”—–Stupid, a few laughs.


I started feeling sick earler that day, and the plane ride made it worse, no amount of gum was going to help my ears pop.

We got into LAX at about 9:30 and got our bags quickly and the enterprise bus picked us up right away. Temperature:58 degrees 🙂  Saw a few people in multiple layers and jackets.  Pretty funny stuff.

We picked up the rental car and headed down interstate 405 which out here is called “the 405” and stopped to get some groceries at “VONS”.


It is really cheap, really dirty, think “ghetto Cub Foods”.

After grabbing some essentials we headed to our apartment.

We are staying at Oakwood Corporate Housing.

Lets just say it is pretty much a resort for all of these little child actors to stay while they shoot movies, there are a few bands that stay there as well.  I could have sworn I saw that little guy that was on that show Webster earlier today.


Josh and I are the two that are under the weather so we share a room, and Tim and Eric share the other room.  Two rooms, four twin beds.

Time for bed. Erin, Josh says I snore apparently, Do I?




I woke up around 10:00 and got ready for the day.

We headed into Hollywood, and drove past The Atlantic Records office, and Warner Bros TV/Movie Studios.

We ate lunch at Bob’s Big Boy and I ate Chili Spaghetti…delicious.


We grabbed some coffee and headed to S.I.R. Studio Space.

We are here to play through our songs for our record label representative-Mollie Moore, our manager- Stephen Short, and our producer Ron Aniello.  Ron has produced such artists as Lifehouse, Jars of Clay, Matt Nathanson, Barenaked Ladies, Guster.  (yes very legit)

Remembering all of our songs was a little bit of a chore considering we made all of the changes back in December and then I got married and then we went on tour and played the songs the way we played them before the changes.  (confused yet?)

Anyway after we got into a rhythm we played through all of them and all was well.  Then Ron took us to a hole in the wall Thai restaurant that was absolutely awesome.  Here I tried Thai Iced Tea for the first time, which was Iced Tea, Milk, and Sugar.  It was very refreshing. For dinner we had some appretizers and I ate a basil and chille lamb stirfry. Kyle like Thai, Kyle like Thai very well. (Meet the Parents refrence for the comedy challenged).


So then we headed back to enterprise to exchange the enormous Buick Enclave for a Chevy Periwinkle ( not actual name, but actual color) no power locks either.  livin’ the dream.


Next we headed back to the apartment and I talked with my wife for a hour or so. (Best part of my day) After that Eric and I watched Teen Wolf. I highly recommend it.  No wolf, No part.


That pretty much concludes my day today.  Tomorrow we start recording, so i better get some rest.  We’ll See ya.


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