Recording in L.A. : Day 1

January 27, 2009





So last night’s sleep pretty much sucked.  My cold is relentless and even sticking kleenexes in my nose didn’t help at all.  Nevertheless, I woke up around 8:30 and Tim, Eric, and I headed down to the fitness center to work out.  This also sucked because of my cold.

Josh went to the studio early to get drums set up and get tones.  The rest of us grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and relaxed until around lunchtime. While at Starbucks we saw a lesser known actor who has been in Dawn of the Dead, The new HULK movie, and National Treasure.  I think we made him slightly uncomfortable with our repeated glances. Here is the link to his imdb—-    maybe you recognize him maybe not.


Anyway after that we headed to the studio: SUNSET SOUND.  I may repeat this name, alot, alot, cuz it excites me.


It was definitely an unforgettable experience walking into Sunset Sound.  I will post pictures throughout the week of the gold and platinum records that have been recorded there.  Overwhelmed and honored would be in understatement that we would have the opportunity to record in the same studio as the historical artists that decorated the walls.  Very Cool.  We found out later in the day that we were tracking in the room that “Stairway to Heaven” was tracked.  Wayne’s World comes to mind every time I hear that song. 🙂


the board


“I said the guitar is out of tune” (for kane)



-Josh’s drum set up….During the day he tried out The Red Hot Chili Peppers Snare drum that they used.  He also used the snare that the Wallflowers used to record “One Headlight”  After learning this of course Josh started playing that song, and it did sound identical….funny stuff.

Anyway the main goal of the day was to get some solid drum tracks laid down for a couple songs.  We ended up finishing two and got some decent bass and guitar tracks that we may use or overdub later.  Either way, it was a very productive day and the recordings are sounding incredible even at the very early stages.  We have the privilege of working with Ron, who is a mad scientist genius and our engineer is grammy winning Joe Chicarelli, so with that formula the finished product is going to be ridiculous.

After we were done for the night we went out for chili dogs with Ron at “Pinks” which is a tiny famous chili dog stand that is littered with signed promo pictures from everyone from Will Ferrel to Ellen Degenerate.  Pun intended.  My favorite thing that someone wrote was Will Ferrel.  All it said was To Pink’s: YOU DID IT! ……..  I thought that was perfect.  Anyway i had a spicy polish dog.  While i am typing this I am regretting this decision.  That concluded our day.


We are all having a great time, although it sucks being away from those we love.  Ron is trying to hook it up so that we can all go stay at his condo in San Diego and is really encouraging me to fly Erin out for a weekend.  I guess we will see what happens, although I am sure she would oppose warm sunny weather at a beach condo with her husband…right honey???  So hopefully we can get something worked out.  But as for me, I am spent.  So….. We’ll See ya.



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