Recording in L.A. Day 2

January 28, 2009




No work out today…………..

Got up around 9 and just really wanted to go back to bed until noon.  Got to the studio around 11 and had subway.  Eric and Tim’s subs were an even 5 bucks.  My sub was $5.41.  Why you may ask.  Because I got chicken and it is as the clerk put it “hot”.  Well next time I am ordering the chicken cold and having the sub toasted.  Problem solved.

This isn’t going to be a real long post, cuz I am really need to try and get some rest.  We were at the studio until around 9:00 tonight and got through two songs.  We got pretty wore out towards the end and Tim and I hadn’t eaten since that sub, so we were reaching the wall.  All in all the two songs are sounding amazing and we couldn’t be happier.  All in all 4 songs are nearly completed ( by this I mean drums are almost done and most of the bass guitar is done on them).  They are all so different.  Different sound, different tones, different tempos.  Equally catchy, Equally powerful.  It is going to be great to have something, when this experience draws to a close that we can stand behind.

Studio fun fact:  Josh broke a snare today and whatever he did to it….. our engineer told him and I quote “Josh in all my years I have never seen anyone do that to a snare.  What are you eating?”  That’s our Thundergod.

Today was also a big day for me because it is the first time in my life that I have had a text plan for my phone.  Erin and I just got it today and it has been fun and really nice to be able to communicate with all the racket in the studio.

After all was said and done Ron and his son William took us to a pretty sweet HOT Wings place.  We ordered over 100 wings and watched the Lakers game.(who did you bet on on Kane?)  We also realized that there are some incredible baseball movies out there.  Ron invited the band over to his house for the Superbowl.  Grillin, swiming, eating, and the Superbowl.  I’m in.  Let’s hope Kurt Warner can pull it out.

Well I am going to hit the hay.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep because Josh is currently writing some kind of indian chant joke song on his computer.  If there is one thing you need to know about Josh—NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE AMUSES HIMSELF FOR THAN HIMSELF.

Goodnight Family and Friends.

We’ll See Ya.


i need to shave my grizzle…no erin around to groom me… 😦


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