Recording in L.A. Day 3

January 29, 2009




So my apologies for not posting this last night.  I know my Dad reads this because he texted me today asking where the post was.  My explanation:  I fell asleep, I guess I was pretty worn out. I will be writing this like it were Wednesday and not Thursday morning.

Today Josh and I brought Frosted Mini Wheats to the Studio and no milk.  choke.  We asked the studio if they had any and they only had 2%.  Josh and I being the “rockstars” that we are complained because we wanted skim.  Reluctantly we accepted the FREE 2% milk and ate our cereal.  🙂

Today was the last day we were going to be at Sunset Sound this week so I snapped a few pictures of some records that were done here with tim’s iphone.  They really didn’t turn out that great, but you get the idea…


Led Zeppelin….Label Mates


Rage Against the Machine


The Walflowers (Bob Dylan’s son)


The Wallflowers


Neil Diamond—This One is for you MOM.


Prince—Represent MINNEAPOLIS


The Doors signed


Van Halen


Maroon 5


Counting Crows 3,000,000 sold

Anyway there were countless others and I apologize again for the quality.  Eric told me as I am writing this that he has a digital camera, so the pictures are going to be increasing in quality I promise.

We got 3 songs done in the Studio today.(drums)  It feels great to have worked hard all day and got what we needed to get done…done.  Atlantic sent out a camera man to do some studio footage and interviews today.  He was a really cool guy and had done alot of work on stuff we have seen.  (shows on mtv, music videos, video blogs)  Anyway so that was cool to be able to tell our story and to have footage that captured our experience at this amazing studio.

Studio Fun Fact: Ron has a habit of doing a “Rap” to all of our songs.  If I ever catch it on video it will be posted.

We went back to the apartment afterward and ordered dominoes.  That is three for three in eating garbage before bed.  Nice work.

We watched music videos and to decide what we want and don’t want in our music video when we shoot one.  Then I fell alseep and didn’t do this post.  Anyway it has already been a productive Thursday but that will have to wait until the day is over.  We’ll see ya.


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