January 30, 2009




Fancy seeing you here. 72 Degrees here today.  Eat your heart out.

Ok so here is the deal.  Today and tomorrow we have off.  So we did what normal 20 somethings do.  SLEEP IN.  Sue me.  Since the wedding this hasn’t really happened.  Thanks Erin. 🙂

Anyway we got up around 10 and Josh and I were faced with the same dilemma as the day before. NO MILK.  We decided to make a run to “VONS”. Eric and Tim decided to come too, so we just went ahead and picked up some groceries for the apartment.  We got chicken, chips and salsa, milk, juice, more cereal, tortillas, frozen pizza, eggs and bread.  Josh and I took advantage of the deals there and picked up some pop.  He got coke zero and I of course got diet mt dew.  They were 3 12 packs for $7.99.  The cashier was about the 50th person to tell us we were too polite to be from Los Angeles.


After that we went back and ate Lunch.  Stephen and Mollie requested that we do 2 things today on our day off.  

First things first we went to the legendary Amoeba Music store.  Our goal was to check out all of the album artwork and get the ball rolling in picking our album artwork.  So we went around and found our favorite artwork so that Mollie and Stephen would have an idea about what kind of direction we were thinking.  Cool place.  Lots of History.


Next we needed to pinpoint what we wanted the image of the band to grow into.  So we were off to Borders to look through magazines to find clothes that we all could see each other wearing.  This wasn’t as successful.  The magazines just didn’t have alot of guy clothes in them.(and I don’t want to look like Ed Norton or Brad Pitt).  So we went further down the Sunset Strip and went into some of the more prestigious stores and I felt like I was on the Mighty Ducks when they go down Rodeo Drive.  Anyway we went into Armani Exchange, H MEN, and H & M.  This was also somewhat unsuccessful.  Although it was kinda funny to see sweaters that cost $4000 and jeans that are well over $500.  Out of my element a little bit.  So hopefully the internet will hold the answer to what we are looking for clothes wise.  

At this point we were all pretty hungry.  We were told of this hip mexican restaurant where Don Henley and Phil Collins use to hang out.  (among countless others)  We were sold.  Chicken Burrito and a tasty margarita.  The perfect dinner.  


The rest of the night was spent at the apartment.  Eric, Tim and I attempted to go to the hot tub.  It was more like a cold tub.  There will be a formal complaint tomorrow.  Then I was able to talk to my wife for an hour or so and now Josh and I are watching Seinfeld.  (Joe DiMaggio episode) Priceless.  All in all a very relaxing day in Hollywood.  Goodnight Family and Friends.  We’ll See ya.


One Response to “DAY OFF 1”

  1. Christy said

    You guys ARE amazingly nice! Even for minnesotans! I remember the first time my friend Jennie and I met Eric, we talked for like 10 minutes about any random thing. And we have talked with at least one of you guys for a while every concert since. The first time I met you (at first ave a couple weeks ago) in particular I went up and started talking to you and you reached out and hugged me. I was like wow, this band with such awesome music is made up of such great guys. So nice and you guys really made me feel like I had made some instant friends. It only makes me a bigger fan. 🙂

    It’s fun to read your blog about making the album. I’m so excited for it, you have no idea!

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