Lazy Saturday

January 31, 2009

We found out that we are starting work again on Monday.  So today was yet another day off.  I got up around 10 and ate breakfast.  Then the plan was to go and work out.  Well Josh, Tim and I walked back and forth between both gyms at the apartment complex and never was there enough treadmills open.  So we decided to catch up on our sun tan.  I listened to a podcast by Rick McKinley of the Imago Dei church on marriage.  After that was over I fell asleep by the pool for about an hour.

Next we ran to Target and can I say that people in California are crazy for Target.  I guess they haven’t been out here for that long.  It looked like Black Friday.  I am glad you enjoyed a Minnesota company, California.  Your welcome.  

We stopped by Vons on the way back and then Eric started dinner.  He made chicken quesadillas with black beans and rice.  Yum.  I talked to Erin until she started falling asleep.  Tonight was a hard night.  It was the week mark today and we both are longing to see each other.  Give her a call if you get the chance or pay her a visit.  I know that she would enjoy that.  I hate not being with her.  But anyway then we tried the “Luke Warm” tub again and it failed again.  Fired.  

Pretty boring post today….pretty boring day today.  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl so hopefully that will be better.  Go Cardinals!!!  We’ll See Ya.


I am out of fiber bars.


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