Listen to that BASS!!!

February 2, 2009

Back to work.  Today we started piano and we finished some bass and guitars for “Standing Still”  Words can’t describe how it is sounding.  I am not sure how much detail I can really go into about it.  But anyway other than that I talked to Erin pretty much all day and sat in the jacuzzi.  Pictures of Ron’s studio and his house and backyard will be posted hopefully tomorrow night.

Some interesting news did develop during the day, however.  I found out that I am not married.  I mean I am.  But the paperwork must have gotten lost when it was sent in.  So according to God which is all that matters, we are married.  But as for official paperwork, not at the moment.  Pretty funny isn’t it?  🙂  I thought so.

The other thing that transpired was that I am coming home for a few days.  I leave on Wednesday the 11th and come back to L.A. on Sunday the 15th.  I get to see my “wife” 🙂    for a few days and get to spend Valentine’s day with her, even though my Dad says that I can’t stay with her because we aren’t married.  (he’s joking)  Anyway I am so thankful that I have the oppurtunity to split up the trip.  I know that for everyone in the band, being away from loved ones is the biggest negative about being in the band.  So anytime that we can see them is worth any amount of money.  Luckily tickets are cheap.  So yeah extremely exciting!!!

Anyway tomorrow is my 23rd birthday.  Old.  That is how I feel.  Young.  That is how I am usually treated.  Go figure.

Great Day today!  Tomorrow has a forecast for some of the same.  We’ll See ya.


Ron gave me a new hat today.  Cuz he looks like a mobster in it.  It apparently costs $150.  I remain Hand Me Down Kyle.


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