Birthday’s are meant to be spent at HOME.

February 3, 2009


Today was my birthday and to be honest it wasn’t really all that great.  It felt like any old day.  It sucked not being with my wife or my family.  It is the first birthday that I can remember in a long time that I wasn’t with either Erin or my family.  Hearing from them was definitely the highlight of my day for sure. 

But anyway, my day started off with a meeting with our lawyer.  I like the team of people we have surrounding us.  I know that everyone is kicking butt and working hard and it is starting to pay off.  

Got to Ron’s at about 11 and got coffee before we got started.  Tim and Eric worked on overdubs again today and Josh and I did nothing.  We sat in the jacuzzi for a few hours.  Straight up prunes.  Later Ron’s assistants brought me some birthday cake.  That was really thoughtful.  One of his assistants has never left California and had some interesting questions about Minnesota.  For instance:  Do you have Mcdonalds?  Do you get MTV?  What kind of cars?  Does it snow on Christmas?  What kind of Cellular Telephone Companies? ….anyway you get the idea.  Classic material.  Made for some good laughs throughout the day.

After that I did some reading and talked to a few family members and my wife for awhile.  That was actually kinda hard because it really made me wish we were going out to dinner together or having cake together.  Anyway you can’t always get what you want.  Losing You really started to come together today which is awesome.  I can’t wait to show people.  

We went out for Mexican food after the session and afterward decided that we should probably not do that every night.  For our bodies sake.  

UPDATE:  Our wedding coordinator if you can call her that never sent in the papers.  Severe CHOKE.  Anyway hopefully that will get taken care of soon.  

Wish I were home for my birthday.  Not the greatest day, but that is how it goes. We’ll See Ya.


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