Rainy Day Music

February 6, 2009

I love rain.  While I am inside.  It poured all day yesterday and this morning.  It looks as if it is gonna keep coming to in the next few days.  Yesterday was really fun.  We met with our Publishing Company Peer Music.  Amidst all of the platinum records hanging on their walls, there is a family that works there.  Or at least that is the feel of it.  We met with around 25 people in a conference room and had champagne to celebrate our signing to their company.  On the t.v. was a slideshow of pictures and our music was blaring in the background.  We met everyone and took some pictures for the press release.  It was really cool to be treated like we were Matchbox Twenty, and in reality these people believe we will be and are gonna work their butt off along with the rest of our team to make that happen.  I left their feeling really great and yet humbled because we are only about to begin the climb in this journey.  

Afterward we did some more vocals and for “Our Last Dance.”  Ron continued his trend of bringing unhealthy foods into our lives.  The suspect this time was Popeyes Chicken.  Ron’s son ordered all dark meat on top of it, so yeah I think I am going to fast for the next couple days.  Tim, Eric, our engineer “Fast Eddie” Jackson and I ended the night with a soak in the hot tub.  While it rained.  It was pretty perfect.  101 degrees.  

Went to bed around midnight after Josh and I watched a Matchbox Twenty DVD.  They are rockstars.  That is all.  

Slept in today, and I am currently doing laundry at the studio.

Tonight the AAM Grammy Party at Paramount Picture Studios.  Eric is going to a Neil Diamond award gala.  Sweet Caroline.  I’ll get an autograph for you MOM.  

Let you know how it goes.  We’ll See ya.






The Mad Scientist hard at work.


The View from the Spa.  This is what I see alot.


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