Out of My Element

February 7, 2009

So last night was really interesting.  Josh, Tim, and I went to Paramount Studios to the AAM Grammy Party.  Out of our element.  Every music industry person was there.  Not so much the artists as the people behind the artists.  I pretty much felt like the uncool smelly kid at high school dances.  Meanwhile Eric and Stephen are at the Neil Diamond Music Cares Dinner.  There Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Jonas Brothers, Chis Cornell, Kid Rock, Jennifer Hudson, and of course Neil performed.  Stephen kept sending me picture texts with these bands asking me…..”Having Fun”  “Guess Who is performing now?”  “We won’t be seeing you for awhile”  “I bet we are having more fun than you”  Crap like that.  Well those of us at the other party met the girl that is in the disney show Drake and Josh and appeared in the Jack Black movie “School of Rock.”  Tim and Josh posed for a picture with her.  It was pretty funny.


Miranda Cosgrove

I also saw the bass player from No Doubt.  He looked pretty old.  Also DJ AM, that was in that plane crash awhile ago with Travis Barker, was the DJ at the party.  

All in all I was pretty out of my element.  It was cool for one night I suppose.

Today the President of A&R at Atlantic Records-Pete Ganbarg and Mollie are coming to hear the three songs that we have nearly finished.  We are all very anxious.  Tonight nothing is going on, and tomorrow is the day of rest.  4 days til I return home.  We’ll See Ya.



One Response to “Out of My Element”

  1. Sammi said

    FAIL! Drake and Josh is a Nickelodeon show. Silly Kyle. Hope you’re having fun!

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