Not Much Going On

February 8, 2009

Yesterday I left off by saying that Mollie and Pete were coming over to Ron’s to hear the new songs.  This was very productive and went really well.  He has a great ear for what is good music and what sells.  It sounds like he likes the organic parts of us and doesn’t think we need a lot of tricks, but that our music speaks for itself.

It was really cool to see where the songs were and the direction and input that Pete had.  I can’t wait to hear the finished product.

Today nothing is going on at all.  We were maybe going to go to Venice Beach but it is raining.  Josh and I screwed around on his recording software on his computer all morning and now we are going to the gym to workout.  Tonight the Grammys are on.

Our engineer at Sunset Sound is up for two.  One with My Morning Jacket for the album “Evil Urges,” which he Produced.  The other for Jack White’s other band The Racounteurs, which he also produced.  Our pro tools assistant for overdubs at Ron’s is also up for a grammy.  If James Taylor album wins best pop album, Fast Eddie Jackson will be a grammy winner.  We are in good company.

So yes I will probably watch the grammy’s and have a phone date with my wife tonight. YES!!  We’ll see ya.


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