Back to Work, sorta.

February 9, 2009

Last night’s grammy awards was probably the most awkward award show I have ever watched.  My reasons:

A.  No Host

B.  No one really cares about Robert Plant post-Zeppelin.

C.  Too much RAP.

D.  The Jonas Bros. feat. Stevie Wonder.  Why Stevie??  Why??

E.  No one cares about Allison Kraus

F.  Adele

G.  Kenny Chesney

H.  Stupid OBAMA references.

I.  U2 had an awkward performance. Not completely sold on the new song either.

Here are some things that attempted to save the Grammy Awards, but were overshadowed by all of the above.

A.  Radiohead

B.  Dave Grohl drumming w/ Paul McCartney

C.  Coldplay and their Pirate Suits

D.  Radiohead

E.  Blink-182 announced they are getting back together.

F.  Chris Brown not being there, because he was wanted by the Police.


Anyway all in all it pretty much sucked.  Plus Eddie and Joe both went home empty handed.  

Back at Ron’s today.  Eating oatmeal.  Two Days and I will be HOME.  We’ll See Ya.


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