Last Day in L.A…..for now.

February 10, 2009

So today was my last day in L.A. until Sunday.  Tomorrow I fly home to Minnesota to be with my bride.  I am really excited.  

Today was spent sleeping in, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm with Josh.  Then we layed by the pool for a few hours.  After that we worked out and then headed over to Ron’s to record a new bass track.  Well the idea we had didn’t really play out, so I guess I came over here for no reason.  

Tim, Josh, and I decided to grab some food at Souplantation.  It is an all you can eat salad and soup restaurant.  They also have bread, pasta, and dessert.  While there an older gentlement noticed my Twins hat and wanted to talk about baseball.  He was super cool.  He really liked to talk and it was neat to see a friendly person in California.  He was one of the first.  He followed the team around the 1965 season.  He even asked if we ever go to the Met.  We told him about the new field and talked a little bit about Tony Oliva  and Harmon Killebrew and how they have banners up in the Metrodome.  He came back a few times and on his final stop at our table handed me a list, on a napkin of all the players he could think of.  He obviously didn’t follow the team very much anymore, but to remember the names from 65′ was pretty impressive.  


Now we are finishing guitars for “Casualty” and then probably head back to the apartment.  My flight leaves at 10 AM.  Maybe I will see some of you when I get home.  This is probably my last post until Sunday or Monday when I return to L.A.  So until then… We’ll see ya.


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