Sorry for the hiatus from the blog.

February 25, 2009

Hey everyone-

            Yes it has been a very long times since i have posted anything.  Not alot going on.  We are finishing up and fine tuning everything on the first batch of songs this week and had a day off today.  

Sunday the only relevant thing I can think of is that we ate $1 tacos at Acapulco.


Yesterday we went into a rehearsal space owned by the bass player in the band Fuel.  We jammed and made sure we had all of our parts down for the second batch of songs.  



Jeff Abercrombie of Fuel

Today, we had a day off and drove in the car for what seemed like an eternity.  We ended up eating at a restaurant called Islands.  Bad service and worse food.  However on the way home we did stop by my new obsession.  Pinkberry.  It is this frozen yogurt place that is only in New York and LA.  It is not like TCBY.  It is tart and you can add a mix in.  I have gotten granola everytime so far.  It is definitely something I will miss when I leave here.  Tomorrow our good friend Ian flies in for a few days.  It will be fun to see him and show him a good time.  We like visitors out here in LA.




All in all it has been a tough couple of days.  It will get better.  It is always hard leaving Erin and the first couple days especially.  So go invite her to do something or pay a visit to our apartment.  I know she would really enjoy that.  Love you Erin.  We’ll see ya.



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