Driving through the canyon.

February 27, 2009

Hey everybody…

I am really bad at updating this blog, my apologies.

So since Ian has been here he has been sick as can be.  We really truly haven’t done too much.  However I keep getting texts from my Dad wanting me to post something so here you have it.

Yesterday Tim, Stephen, and I went to Provident(our financial gurus).  After this Stephen was going to take us to Ron’s house.  Well to get there we went on the windiest road that I have ever been on.  It is called Topanga Canyon.  It is like hippy central and full of trees and foothills.  We actually drove right past the area where Charles Manson’s compound was.  Stephen had some great stories.  He is so used to seeing celebrities, that he saw Dennis Quaid while at a stoplight and forgot to mention it until it was too late.  It was an interesting drive.


a view of the winding road of topanga canyon.  Stephen told us a story that he road on a roof a car at 60 mph.  I love his stories.

That is pretty much the only thing that has gone on of any significance.  I am recording some bass today for “What’s On My Mind.”  Hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.  We’ll see ya.


I look terrible today, no shower either.


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