Walking vs. Public Transportation

March 2, 2009

Fancy seeing you here.  🙂  (inside joke)  Anyway.  

Yesterday Josh, Tim, and I went to downtown Burbank to the Burbank Town Center.  It is like 4 miles away and my shoes aren’t exactly walking shoes.  Let’s just say the 80 degree weather and the 4 mile walk was not the highlight of my day.  When we got to the town center, Josh ate Chipotle and then all of us got Pinkberry.  Yes we eat it alot.  It felt good to sit and relax my blisters.  After that we walked around and looked at a bunch of the little shops that are around this area.  Tim bought some sunglasses at the mall and we killed some time.  It was about dinner time, so we decided to eat at P.F. Changs.  Excellent choice.  While we were there we got approached by some producers from MTV wanting 18-21 year old straight guys to be in their reality show Parental Control.  Well Josh was the only one who fit the mold, so he signed up and got a call on Sunday.  He goes into audition and do the show on Monday.  He can make up to 400 dollars.  Only would this happen to Josh.  We are pretty excited, and really hope that he gets picked.  After we ate we were pretty worn out, because we are not girls, we can’t shop all day.  So we called a cab and waited for a good 25 minutes.  A bus pulled up while we were waiting and we decided to get on and skip out on the cab.  Good thing we did too because it was only 1.25 to ride the bus and it would have been well over 20 bucks to take a cab.  I enjoyed downtown Burbank very much, it was a pretty relaxing day.  



Today we did laundry and cooked Stauffers Lasagna.  Later I had coffee and enjoyed the steam room with Tim.  That sounds pretty gay, but the steam room was awesome.  Tomorrow we go to the studio and go to Josh’s audition for the MTV show.  We also have the opportunity to go to the Craig Ferguson Show all week.  Maybe we will go one day if we have some time, although I don’t find him funny at all.  I mean c’mon he was known for an unfunny character on an unfunny show(Drew Carey Show).  Whatever, something to do.  I am tired, so I am gonna go to bed.  We’ll see ya.


2 Responses to “Walking vs. Public Transportation”

  1. Abigail said

    Sounds like much fun.
    I thought the Drew Carey Show was funny 😛

  2. I’m intrigued to try this “Pinkberry” thing… my roommate is from California and she says only good things about it too!

    Miss you Kyle!

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