I Love Jesus

I Love My Wife Erin

I Love Music

I Love Minnesota

I Am a Lover

I Am a Fighter

I Am a Sinner

I Am in Need Of Grace

I Have Been Redeemed

I Love My Life

I Have a Major Record Deal

God is Good

I Love Fender Bass Guitars

I Love Running

I Love Twins Baseball

I Enjoy Diet Mt. Dew ALOT

I Wear Levi Skinny Jeans

I Wear American Apparel

I Wear Vans


6 Responses to “Kyle Kacy”

  1. Erin Lindsay said

    Hey baby!!! I love your blog. It is so fun to see the pictures and be apart of your trip in a way. You are so funny and I enjoy reading every bit of your day. I am missing you a great deal and can’t wait to hear from you today. I love you very much and am praying that you will get well soon.


  2. Kade "Thee Halo God" Lindsay said

    Hey, I can’t believe you saw the guy from Shaun of the Dead and National Treasure. By the way I think you should fly me out before Erin. Just a thought.
    Seeya Bro..

  3. Kade Lindsay said

    Hey if you can send me an email with some samples that would be cool if not thats fine send me a message on facebook.

  4. Elizabeth Bohlke said

    Greetings from Duluth, MN!!! Today it was a balmy 27 degrees, no need for a jacket. Your blog is hilarious and very entertaining. I think becoming a restaurant connoisseur may be in the future if you ever loose your bass. Also,you could have a weight loss book called the CCL Midwest Beach Diet. I’ve been looking for you on facebook and can’t find you to add as a friend. I don’t plan on emailing you like crazy, I just have some album art ideas. My profile is under Elizabeth Bohlke and there is a picture of me in Times Square. Happy Trails. Elizabeth

  5. Christy said

    Hey Kyle,

    I am just a fan of your band. A while ago someone in the band posted the links on myspace to you and one of the other guys in the band’s blogs to keep up with what’s going on in LA. I have been reading yours since then and I just went back to the blog entry on myspace to find the link to the other blog and it looks like someone took down the links. I just wanted to make sure it’s still okay that I’m reading your blog and commenting. I don’t want to impose on your personal life if you would only like family and friends to read your blog. Let me know!

    Have fun in LA!


  6. KZL said

    iCarly…wow that is weird how that was on while i was reading that

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