February 20, 2010

Gonna try to be on here more…doing the blog thing.  Today I’m just doing some work,  drinking coffee at Caribou Coffee.  Lately I am leaving preferring Caribou to Starbucks.  It all comes down to consistency.  Starbucks in the last couple months has become a dreaded “Wild Card” for me.  I am not someone that orders frilly drinks or uses a lot of sugar in my coffee.  So if my regular coffee isn’t made correctly, has been sitting, or is burnt…I’ll know.  Starbucks has been doing this to me much to often.  Plus the Caribou by my house is a very comfortable work environment that is seldom crowded.  The organic “semi-blueberry” Acacia blend doesn’t hurt either.

It’s 39 degrees in Minneapolis today and I am so used to the cold temperatures that it feels like a perfect day for a run in shorts in a t-shirt.  A bizarre place I live to say the least.

Take time out of your day today to laugh.