Not Much Going On

February 8, 2009

Yesterday I left off by saying that Mollie and Pete were coming over to Ron’s to hear the new songs.  This was very productive and went really well.  He has a great ear for what is good music and what sells.  It sounds like he likes the organic parts of us and doesn’t think we need a lot of tricks, but that our music speaks for itself.

It was really cool to see where the songs were and the direction and input that Pete had.  I can’t wait to hear the finished product.

Today nothing is going on at all.  We were maybe going to go to Venice Beach but it is raining.  Josh and I screwed around on his recording software on his computer all morning and now we are going to the gym to workout.  Tonight the Grammys are on.

Our engineer at Sunset Sound is up for two.  One with My Morning Jacket for the album “Evil Urges,” which he Produced.  The other for Jack White’s other band The Racounteurs, which he also produced.  Our pro tools assistant for overdubs at Ron’s is also up for a grammy.  If James Taylor album wins best pop album, Fast Eddie Jackson will be a grammy winner.  We are in good company.

So yes I will probably watch the grammy’s and have a phone date with my wife tonight. YES!!  We’ll see ya.


Out of My Element

February 7, 2009

So last night was really interesting.  Josh, Tim, and I went to Paramount Studios to the AAM Grammy Party.  Out of our element.  Every music industry person was there.  Not so much the artists as the people behind the artists.  I pretty much felt like the uncool smelly kid at high school dances.  Meanwhile Eric and Stephen are at the Neil Diamond Music Cares Dinner.  There Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Jonas Brothers, Chis Cornell, Kid Rock, Jennifer Hudson, and of course Neil performed.  Stephen kept sending me picture texts with these bands asking me…..”Having Fun”  “Guess Who is performing now?”  “We won’t be seeing you for awhile”  “I bet we are having more fun than you”  Crap like that.  Well those of us at the other party met the girl that is in the disney show Drake and Josh and appeared in the Jack Black movie “School of Rock.”  Tim and Josh posed for a picture with her.  It was pretty funny.


Miranda Cosgrove

I also saw the bass player from No Doubt.  He looked pretty old.  Also DJ AM, that was in that plane crash awhile ago with Travis Barker, was the DJ at the party.  

All in all I was pretty out of my element.  It was cool for one night I suppose.

Today the President of A&R at Atlantic Records-Pete Ganbarg and Mollie are coming to hear the three songs that we have nearly finished.  We are all very anxious.  Tonight nothing is going on, and tomorrow is the day of rest.  4 days til I return home.  We’ll See Ya.


Rainy Day Music

February 6, 2009

I love rain.  While I am inside.  It poured all day yesterday and this morning.  It looks as if it is gonna keep coming to in the next few days.  Yesterday was really fun.  We met with our Publishing Company Peer Music.  Amidst all of the platinum records hanging on their walls, there is a family that works there.  Or at least that is the feel of it.  We met with around 25 people in a conference room and had champagne to celebrate our signing to their company.  On the t.v. was a slideshow of pictures and our music was blaring in the background.  We met everyone and took some pictures for the press release.  It was really cool to be treated like we were Matchbox Twenty, and in reality these people believe we will be and are gonna work their butt off along with the rest of our team to make that happen.  I left their feeling really great and yet humbled because we are only about to begin the climb in this journey.  

Afterward we did some more vocals and for “Our Last Dance.”  Ron continued his trend of bringing unhealthy foods into our lives.  The suspect this time was Popeyes Chicken.  Ron’s son ordered all dark meat on top of it, so yeah I think I am going to fast for the next couple days.  Tim, Eric, our engineer “Fast Eddie” Jackson and I ended the night with a soak in the hot tub.  While it rained.  It was pretty perfect.  101 degrees.  

Went to bed around midnight after Josh and I watched a Matchbox Twenty DVD.  They are rockstars.  That is all.  

Slept in today, and I am currently doing laundry at the studio.

Tonight the AAM Grammy Party at Paramount Picture Studios.  Eric is going to a Neil Diamond award gala.  Sweet Caroline.  I’ll get an autograph for you MOM.  

Let you know how it goes.  We’ll See ya.






The Mad Scientist hard at work.


The View from the Spa.  This is what I see alot.


February 5, 2009

Today I woke up to the cleaning lady pushing a cart around on the concrete at around 7 am.  It sounded like a freight train driving through a nitro glycerine plant.  I did yell at her though.  And suddenly the noise stopped.  Maybe she picked up the cart.  Who knows.  Anyway, not the way I wanted to start my day.

Josh stayed at the apartment today.  Tim, Eric and I stopped by Panera Bread for coffee on the way to the studio.  Tim’s treat.  Mollie and Stephen came by for a listening session and although the songs are not done, you can sense everyone’s excitement.  We have a few tricks up our sleeve that will remain private until they are decided upon.  After M and S left we started working on Our Last Dance.  It is definately different fromt he ROCK songs we had been working on, but it was a nice change of pace.  Eric did some guitars and Tim finished a piano part for Dance.  We broke for dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy, which I found out later is a chain that is even in Minnesota.  Our waiter was greasy.  The portions were HUGE also.  I don’t even think you could have handled a whole meal by yourself Kane.  I finally followed in my Dad’s footsteps and got Eggplant Parmesean.  I must say I think it was better than Olive Gardens.  I still have pretty much a whole meal left.  🙂  After dinner Eric did the vocal for Standing Still, which made that song come alive even more.

All in all, a great day.  Tomorrow more of the same.  6 days and I will be with my wife.  😉  We’ll See ya.



Today was my birthday and to be honest it wasn’t really all that great.  It felt like any old day.  It sucked not being with my wife or my family.  It is the first birthday that I can remember in a long time that I wasn’t with either Erin or my family.  Hearing from them was definitely the highlight of my day for sure. 

But anyway, my day started off with a meeting with our lawyer.  I like the team of people we have surrounding us.  I know that everyone is kicking butt and working hard and it is starting to pay off.  

Got to Ron’s at about 11 and got coffee before we got started.  Tim and Eric worked on overdubs again today and Josh and I did nothing.  We sat in the jacuzzi for a few hours.  Straight up prunes.  Later Ron’s assistants brought me some birthday cake.  That was really thoughtful.  One of his assistants has never left California and had some interesting questions about Minnesota.  For instance:  Do you have Mcdonalds?  Do you get MTV?  What kind of cars?  Does it snow on Christmas?  What kind of Cellular Telephone Companies? ….anyway you get the idea.  Classic material.  Made for some good laughs throughout the day.

After that I did some reading and talked to a few family members and my wife for awhile.  That was actually kinda hard because it really made me wish we were going out to dinner together or having cake together.  Anyway you can’t always get what you want.  Losing You really started to come together today which is awesome.  I can’t wait to show people.  

We went out for Mexican food after the session and afterward decided that we should probably not do that every night.  For our bodies sake.  

UPDATE:  Our wedding coordinator if you can call her that never sent in the papers.  Severe CHOKE.  Anyway hopefully that will get taken care of soon.  

Wish I were home for my birthday.  Not the greatest day, but that is how it goes. We’ll See Ya.

Listen to that BASS!!!

February 2, 2009

Back to work.  Today we started piano and we finished some bass and guitars for “Standing Still”  Words can’t describe how it is sounding.  I am not sure how much detail I can really go into about it.  But anyway other than that I talked to Erin pretty much all day and sat in the jacuzzi.  Pictures of Ron’s studio and his house and backyard will be posted hopefully tomorrow night.

Some interesting news did develop during the day, however.  I found out that I am not married.  I mean I am.  But the paperwork must have gotten lost when it was sent in.  So according to God which is all that matters, we are married.  But as for official paperwork, not at the moment.  Pretty funny isn’t it?  🙂  I thought so.

The other thing that transpired was that I am coming home for a few days.  I leave on Wednesday the 11th and come back to L.A. on Sunday the 15th.  I get to see my “wife” 🙂    for a few days and get to spend Valentine’s day with her, even though my Dad says that I can’t stay with her because we aren’t married.  (he’s joking)  Anyway I am so thankful that I have the oppurtunity to split up the trip.  I know that for everyone in the band, being away from loved ones is the biggest negative about being in the band.  So anytime that we can see them is worth any amount of money.  Luckily tickets are cheap.  So yeah extremely exciting!!!

Anyway tomorrow is my 23rd birthday.  Old.  That is how I feel.  Young.  That is how I am usually treated.  Go figure.

Great Day today!  Tomorrow has a forecast for some of the same.  We’ll See ya.


Ron gave me a new hat today.  Cuz he looks like a mobster in it.  It apparently costs $150.  I remain Hand Me Down Kyle.

Super Bowl Funday

February 1, 2009

Today was the Super Bowl.

I got up and worked out on the treadmill.  Many people wanted to use the treadmill, but Josh, Tim and I wouldn’t have it.  They were us yesterday.  Anyway after that we headed over to our producers house for the Super Bowl.  He has a very very very nice house.  We ate Barbecue Beef Brisket and foot-long hot dogs.  With a pool and a jacuzzi in the back yard the first half wasn’t really watched.  However I did watch the second half and I am just glad that, although I was cheering on the cardinals, I didn’t have a team in the game.  The cardinals got screwed.  Much like my Raiders got screwed a few years ago.  All in all it was a good game at the very least as I am sure most of you watched.

Afterward we heard some of the edits that Ron did on the songs.  They are sounding so BIG!!!  Really excited.  Anyway we start work on Monday on the overdubs.  Sorry not much happened today.  We’ll see ya.

Lazy Saturday

January 31, 2009

We found out that we are starting work again on Monday.  So today was yet another day off.  I got up around 10 and ate breakfast.  Then the plan was to go and work out.  Well Josh, Tim and I walked back and forth between both gyms at the apartment complex and never was there enough treadmills open.  So we decided to catch up on our sun tan.  I listened to a podcast by Rick McKinley of the Imago Dei church on marriage.  After that was over I fell asleep by the pool for about an hour.

Next we ran to Target and can I say that people in California are crazy for Target.  I guess they haven’t been out here for that long.  It looked like Black Friday.  I am glad you enjoyed a Minnesota company, California.  Your welcome.  

We stopped by Vons on the way back and then Eric started dinner.  He made chicken quesadillas with black beans and rice.  Yum.  I talked to Erin until she started falling asleep.  Tonight was a hard night.  It was the week mark today and we both are longing to see each other.  Give her a call if you get the chance or pay her a visit.  I know that she would enjoy that.  I hate not being with her.  But anyway then we tried the “Luke Warm” tub again and it failed again.  Fired.  

Pretty boring post today….pretty boring day today.  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl so hopefully that will be better.  Go Cardinals!!!  We’ll See Ya.


I am out of fiber bars.

Day Off 2

January 31, 2009




Once again I am late on posting this.  Sorry.

We started Friday by heading over to our financial group for a meeting.  I was called Karl the entire meeting.  It was really great though to get some questions answered.  Gwen Stefani was in the next room having a meeting as well.  How do you like them apples.  🙂

Stephen told us we were very close to the Ocean, so that is what we decided to do for the next few hours.  First we stopped by Gilbert’s el Indio.  The service and food at this mexican restaurant was unmatched.  I compare it to Baboo on Seinfeld.  As soon as the last chip was eaten, new chips were there instantly.  Reasonably priced too, probably why it is a favorite in Santa Monica.


The Ocean was next.  We parked and walked down on the beach for about  an hour or so.  It may have been a blinding sight to see 4 midwest boys walking with our jeans rolled up, our shirts off, and our WHITE bodies basking in the sun.  We didn’t care at all.  We skipped some rocks and headed back to “Perry” (that is what we call our car now).




We grabbed some starbucks and I got an iced coffee because I was sweating like a butcher.  Next we had a meeting at BMI, Broadcast Music, INC.   This was just a meet and greet and to have any questions we had about BMI answered and to make sure we were aware that they were a resource that we could/should use.  To explain BMI in a nutshell:  We are all registered BMI songwriters and BMI is a performing right organization: It collects license fees on behalf of its songwriters, composers and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed.  Such as TV, Radio, Movies, Internet.  This was also a good meeting to learn more about what is at our disposal.  My only real question is why all the parking places around LA don’t have workers that speak any kind of english.  Baffling.

Stephen and his girlfriend Darcy invited us over to their place for dinner.  Beautiful home and a perfect dinner.  We had Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and a cake that reminded me of cheese cake, but wasn’t.  It was really good to be able to relax and have a home cooked meal.  Stephen and Darcy also have an 8 year old son (Wilder) who may just be the nicest, most well mannered young man you will ever meet.  He even has a hint of a British accent.

After dinner entertainment: the video game ROCK BAND.  Which if you don’t know, it is like guitar hero only there is drums and vocals too.

Highlights:  Wilder really likes Nirvana and not only that but he likes the album tracks that many people don’t even know.  So he sang Nirvana-Drain You and sang it just about perfect.  This was the funniest thing that I have experienced on the trip thus far.

I rapped Rage Against the Machines’ Testify and got 100%.

I can not play drums.

Josh and I co sang a Modest Mouse song and I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

All in all we had an amazing time and let’s just say this may become a weekly thing.

When we got home I went right to bed.  No blog post, and I just woke up a little bit ago, which is why I am posting it now.  Great Day Off.  Miss you Erin.  We’ll See Ya.


January 30, 2009




Fancy seeing you here. 72 Degrees here today.  Eat your heart out.

Ok so here is the deal.  Today and tomorrow we have off.  So we did what normal 20 somethings do.  SLEEP IN.  Sue me.  Since the wedding this hasn’t really happened.  Thanks Erin. 🙂

Anyway we got up around 10 and Josh and I were faced with the same dilemma as the day before. NO MILK.  We decided to make a run to “VONS”. Eric and Tim decided to come too, so we just went ahead and picked up some groceries for the apartment.  We got chicken, chips and salsa, milk, juice, more cereal, tortillas, frozen pizza, eggs and bread.  Josh and I took advantage of the deals there and picked up some pop.  He got coke zero and I of course got diet mt dew.  They were 3 12 packs for $7.99.  The cashier was about the 50th person to tell us we were too polite to be from Los Angeles.


After that we went back and ate Lunch.  Stephen and Mollie requested that we do 2 things today on our day off.  

First things first we went to the legendary Amoeba Music store.  Our goal was to check out all of the album artwork and get the ball rolling in picking our album artwork.  So we went around and found our favorite artwork so that Mollie and Stephen would have an idea about what kind of direction we were thinking.  Cool place.  Lots of History.


Next we needed to pinpoint what we wanted the image of the band to grow into.  So we were off to Borders to look through magazines to find clothes that we all could see each other wearing.  This wasn’t as successful.  The magazines just didn’t have alot of guy clothes in them.(and I don’t want to look like Ed Norton or Brad Pitt).  So we went further down the Sunset Strip and went into some of the more prestigious stores and I felt like I was on the Mighty Ducks when they go down Rodeo Drive.  Anyway we went into Armani Exchange, H MEN, and H & M.  This was also somewhat unsuccessful.  Although it was kinda funny to see sweaters that cost $4000 and jeans that are well over $500.  Out of my element a little bit.  So hopefully the internet will hold the answer to what we are looking for clothes wise.  

At this point we were all pretty hungry.  We were told of this hip mexican restaurant where Don Henley and Phil Collins use to hang out.  (among countless others)  We were sold.  Chicken Burrito and a tasty margarita.  The perfect dinner.  


The rest of the night was spent at the apartment.  Eric, Tim and I attempted to go to the hot tub.  It was more like a cold tub.  There will be a formal complaint tomorrow.  Then I was able to talk to my wife for an hour or so and now Josh and I are watching Seinfeld.  (Joe DiMaggio episode) Priceless.  All in all a very relaxing day in Hollywood.  Goodnight Family and Friends.  We’ll See ya.